Patented products

Mondial Plastic is actually involved in the process of innovation, research and development of new products.

The engineering and manufacturing of innovative items has the target to satisfy our customers' need for a quick, practical and simple use.

FASTGRIP, is a brand new clutch, very fast to use with wrinkled or spiraled sheathes, available in different sizes: 16 20 25 32 40 50.

FASTGRIP assures a quick electrics installation and satisfies IP67 protection standards.

TUBLOCK, instead, is a useful product that allows installers to fix wrinkled sheathes, or any other kind of pipe, to the ground before the definitive floor is done.

TUBLOCK avoids any movement of the pipes from their position during the making of the floor.

TUBLOCK is a universal device for sheathes with a diameter included between 16 and 32, end it can fix up to 10 pipes, depending on their size.